How we teach

What makes the LITE
Method unique?

How did we learn our native language?
Our methodology is based on extensive research in the field of foreign language teaching. It builds on practice-proven procedures for learning the native language. Its efficiency and simplicity is absolutely unique.

How Higher Intensity Helps to
Succeed in English

When we were learning our native language as children, how often did we speak it? Daily! Thanks to this, we remembered words and sentences, and by the age of six we were all fluent. How would such a child speak if he tried it once a week?

Do you know someone who studied English once a week and is now fluent? No! When people learn a language once a week, they often forget what they learned by the next time.
And after a few years, they find that they are still at the beginning.

It’s similar to going to the gym once a week. You can walk like that for years, but you won’t build muscles and shape your figure.

You need to lean into it to get results. Intensity is essential to your success in English. Therefore, standard courses in LITE are up to 3 times a week. You always have several lessons together so that you have enough time for practice as well.

Don’t worry that it would be too much. The lecturers will guide you through all the pitfalls to make studying easy for you. Intensive study and practice will help you maintain purpose and enthusiasm and develop your conversational skills.

Immerse yourself in English with us and be able to communicate in the English language in just a few months.